Spiritual Reading



The Llama represents the past where courage and support helped to get through some difficult situations.  There’s nothing like facing a hard decision alone.  Dreading doctor appointments, fearing the worst will happen, looking at past relationships of all kinds, and most of all, becoming unhealthy again.

The crocodile represent to the present situation.  With the guidance of the crocodile we can learn death can bring new life.  The death of my bad health has led way to a new healthy life style where I can move, exercise, dance and lift weights.  There’s nothing that can keep me down.

The dolphin is coming into my life to guide me towards meditation and cleansing.  This will bring about relaxation and the patience everyone else talks about.

Meditation can help cleanse the body, mind and soul.  The cleansing will help improve health and other situations that are both in and out of your coneroli.

By listening and watching the animals you can learn a wide array of ways to stay calm, first day peace and feel free.


Moon Cycles



My last reading before surgery on June 28, 2016 and my first reading after the surgery on July 10, 2016 both had Moon Cycles involved.  Also while reading one of my books on becoming a witch it talked quite a bit about moon cycles.

I love the way the moon looks and how its pull affects the actions, feelings, emotions, energies and more of the universe.  For many years I was a skeptic about just how much the moon affects the universe, but not anymore.

Each phase of the moon has its own ceremony.  There are some ceremonies that may cross over from one phase to another.

Spiritual Portal



picture taken by: Filter Forge

An excerpt from A Witchy History “I was exploring the cellar when suddenly; out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I looked hard into the shadows and say another door. Slowly I walked toward this door, which was closed and locked. I could feel the fear envelop me; still I dragged myself to the door. Something was nagging at me, telling me I was in danger. Finally the fear overtook me and I ran across the room, up the stairs and into the warmth of the sunshine.”

This cellar and a connecting tunnel (only partially intact) is what’s left of  thriving ranch and hotel… Somewhere on the property there’s a spiritual portal that Monica has yet to find, but will.  The destruction of this once thriving  mini-town was caused by something supernatural – possibly an energy ball.  But where would it have come from… A rival family, a spiritual portal, or was it something else?




Photo by: M

Clairaudience comes in many forms.  Music is my release.  I’m not talking about 99% of the stuff the kids listen to today.  I’m talking about the times when songs had lyrics and meaning.

When I’m under a lot of pressure or stressed I look for peace from with in and sometimes when I’m lying in bed at night I listen to music.  It’s not from the radio station, boombox or stereo.  It comes from a distant land, or another time.  The melody is soothing, words are just out of hearing – probably because I’m trying to hard to hear them, and no matter how hard I try to find the source it always comes from some place I’m not.

After several years of getting used to hearing this magical sound I’ve quit trying to search it out.  Now is the time to rejoice in being able to hear things from another time or plane.

I believe this is just the beginning and it gives me something to focus on and develop.  Guidance comes in many forms and all you have to do is quiet the storm within.  Look within yourself to see what makes you tick.

I had this childhood friend and over the years I’ve reached out to him telepathically with no response.  Then one day I heard him.  He wanted me to know everything is okay and and that I didn’t need to worry about him anymore.  After he stopped reaching out I heard other sounds and now I understand the guidance I was getting.  It took several messages from different people for me to get it but I finally understand.

Clairaudience is a great learning tool.  In the beginning it was scary but now it’s soothing and calming.  It helps me to relax.

Where does your guidance come from?

Can our loved ones vist us from the other side



Photo taken by: Indi Samarajiva

     There is no doubt in my mind that our loved ones can and do visit us from the other side.   We’ve all heard people talk about ghosts, life after death experiences but what does it truly mean for our loved ones to come visit?

This is not a religious based question and whether or not it’s “permissible” but the reality of what happens.  We hear story after story of people seeing those on the other side when they, themselves, are close to death.  There are many mediums, like John Edward, who commune with the deceased.

I have a friend who told a story about some of his aunts going to see John Edward.  They were skeptical of his abilities until he turned his attention on them.  He told them stuff no one else knew, including something one of them had in her purse.  They left the show as believers.

Humans aren’t the only one who can and do visit.  I went through a couple of extremely traumatic experiences. The first one was in 2002 when my dog, Sparky, had to be put to sleep.  Another fur-kid came into my family’s life.  Twice Sparky came to me in a dream and let me know he was watching over the new fur-kid.  If he hadn’t come to me then we would have lost our new addition.

I can go on and on about my experiences but I’d really like to hear about yours.

Psychic Powers, what are they and who has them



Photo taken by: Andrew Kuznetsov

For many years I was led to believe only witches had powers, and not even all witches.  So if this were true then I would be a witch as well as others in my family.  This very subject is taboo, in the family, but telepathy and empathy, have been prominent in more than one generation.

It is my belief that everyone experiences psychic powers at least once in their life.  With me, I’ve had experience with telepathy as toddler.  A couple of the neighborhood kids found out and expected me to read their minds.  They didn’t like the result and made fun of me so I quit using that “power” and withdrew from everyone.

As I grew older I became a senstitive.  This means I could feel things so strongly it was overwhelming, caused a lot of distraction, crowded places became a room full of pain because there was so much going, and even to this day I’m extremely emotional for no apparent reason, and so many other things came to light.  Over the years I have done some studying and have been working to develop my powers.  Being sensitive was just the beginning because there’s so much more going on now.  As I continue to study and work with my “powers”, if that’s what you really want to call them, new things come to light.  To me they’re more like gifts than powers, but technically they’re the same thing.

For more information about being a sensitivie or an empath you can visit the following website.  There are other sources of information such as videos on YouTube, books, etc.  There’s also “Spritual Connectedness” by Lyn Rose.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about me and some of the things I’ve experienced I would like to hear more from you and what you have experienced and/or believe.

Haunted Houses



photo taken by: Kim Stovring


Growing up there were these two houses that always seemed creepy.  One of them was a two store square home and it had vines growing on the side of it.  I was in elementary school when I first saw this house.  As terrified as it made me feel it also intrigued me.  Every day after school I would hurry by the house and then feel silly for being scared.  Often times I have, then and now, wondered about the people that lived there.  Was it really as scary as it seemed and why was it so scary?

A few years later, as a class, we took a tour of a local haunted house, called the Standrod Mansion.  Walking through the house was fascinating.  There was a room walled off with the exception of a small hole in which you could look through.  Living in a haunted house has always been what I’ve wanted.

They say be careful what you wish for.  That’s the truth.  My home is thought to be haunted and to have a portal.  What’s the difference between being haunted and having a portal. There’s a huge difference.  Not all places that are haunted have portals but almost if not all places that have portals are haunted.

Living in a haunted house is really no different than a regular house except for those rare sightings and when a ghost decides they don’t want you living in their home.  They can definitely make it unpleasant and terrifying.  Thankfully I don’t have that to worry about in this house.  There is a male entity that does not like other men coming over but he leaves me alone.

Almost everywhere you go you can find at least one haunted house or building.  Do you ever watch “Ghost Hunters” or other related shows?  These guys travel near and far to search for the ghosts.