Daily Reading



Introduction to Animal Messages.  This is my favorite deck.  The Llama represents the the past.  I had to face some situations that were difficult but I was able to get through it with the guidance of the Llama.  Currently I’ve learned the death of old ways can lead to new and exciting things.  My bad health has gone to the wayside leaving good health.  My future holds peace and tranquility.  By breathing and meditating and it’s possible to relax, cleanse my soul and house.

This is my reading.  What’s your reading and how do you interpret it?  Does it affect how you live or what you believe?


Change up


There’s no author interview this week so I thought I’d take this moment to catch up. I feel blessed. There’s a lot going on, but I’m not sure where to start. I’ve had an emotional month or so and was ready to give everything up.  But thanks to some extremely wonderful people I am standing here, strong (well technically I’m sitting lol). This weekend was a hard one, but well worth it. Saturday’s plans fell through but it proved to be a blessing in disguise because  Some progress was made on She Raged. Three generic outlines were started for other books in The Bearclaw Coven series.

Yesterday and this morning I moved books from an old book case to a new one. Now there’s room to add even more books to the collection.  There are so many books to add to the collection and I can’t wait to get them. V.C. Andrews, Piers Anthony, both have books that need to be added to the collection. In addition to the Xanth novels, of which I have 99% of them, I need to get the Incarnation series.

I’m waiting on pins and needles while waiting for The Bearclaw Coven to come back from the editor.  A lot of changes have been made since it’s first release. It’s not the same book at all. A goal for sending the manuscript has been set and I’m hoping it can be reached. It all depends on what other suggestions the editor has.

Read stories on Wattpad, you can follow me: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Fuzzywriting One story will be deleted because it’s no longer in the Bearclaw Coven series. It needs to be completely rewritten . The other book is for those who are 18 and over because of graphic scenes and vulgarity. When it’s done it’ll be a good read.

The Bearclaw Coven started out as fantasy, but with all of the changes it is now to be considered paranormal historical fiction. Isn’t it funny how out books tend to take over and write themselves, putting them in a different category than we originally planned.

Are there any books or series you’d recommend? What kind of books do you read?

Relationship Harmony



It’s nice to know the Archangels are with us in the times of our need.

This is my card of the day.  Archangel Raquel responded to whatsee been in my heart and on my mind.

I like being alone and living alone but I still get lonely sometimessage.  Having a relationship of any kind is great, especially having great friends.  Thoder you can count the on, those who count on you and those whom you feel are family.

Having a loving relationship with those around you is amazing.  The relationship with other humans, animals and Mother Nature, herself.

Be kind to all and you’ll receive it back 3 fold.  No matter who you are, what yourelse going through, whether were friends, acquaintances, etc.  Know this you are lover by many and the Archangels can help guide you in the direction you want to go whether it’s a relationship or something else.



This week completely got away from me.  I’ve started a new adventure and have been so focused on it and editing I didn’t even think about my blog.  I did the mean to leave y’all hanging and will get better about it.  I’ll do yesterday’s spiritual blog later today.  I really want to blog a little something every day so y’all know what’s going on.

I’ve been working on creating several different lists of questions for authors this way we can get to know them better.  If your an author and you want to be interviewed leave a message and I’ll respond with in 24 hours.



Weekly reading, 7/16/2016



Think the universe is trying to tell me something…

Third reading in a row the moon cycle card was drawn.  The current position is the middle card.  This time is set a side for deep breathing and meditation.  What will happen will happen.  There’s no need to stress of er what might be.  The card to the right is the one for resolution or out-come.  “Outdoors” or nature is the way to go.  When I need to relax and re-enter nature is my friend.  When I need to be able to focus on my writing, nature is usually where you can find me.

Being cooped up and inside can bring on stress, rid you of creativity, and bring home negativity.  It’s time to get out, get moving, breathe fresh air, relax and more.

Upcoming surgery


Hi All,


I just want to take a moment and thank you for following my blog.  I will do my best to continue blogging but will be sporadic over the next six weeks as I am having back surgery on Tuesday.

Before surgery I will be at Barnes and Noble this Saturday from 1-4 pm.  Come visit me.

Thank you all for your support and I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Today’s Reading



There is no doubt this is the way things are supposed to go.  Reading done on 15 June 2016.  With all that’s going on I needed a gentle reminder that peace, divine order and clearing space can help one feel better about things.

Clearing space not only brings inner peace but can help overall health and even bring happiness.  It’s not just about cleaning house but clearing excess thoughts whether they’re positive or negative.  An over active mind can keep you awake, distract you from work or school or whatever you are doing.

To help clear space I either burn sage and meditate or spend time in nature relaxing next to a body of water.  Once peace is found the work really begins.

How do you find do your inner peace and cleanse your space?