Two Books coming shortly


I’m excited to share with you the news that A Normal Life is now available virtually every with the exception of Amazon Kindle.  Also The Story of Edward Goins: Slavery was my past but certainly not my future! will be available shortly.  I need to proof it then approve it.  I am ecstatic with this weekends results.

With both books being done, one ahead of time and the other on the fly I can honestly sit back and say “Good job.”  The deadeline for The Story of Edward Goins: Slavery was my past but certainly not my future! was tomorrow.  Knowing this deadline has been reached gives me hope of hitting the next one which is October 11, 2016 for the first sequel to A Normal Life.

Happy Writing!




Last week, while at a writer’s group, someone asked if I blog.  The answer was no.  Since then I have created a website and have set a goal to blog once a week via WordPress.  Now that I think about it I have been blogging.  I use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the news about my writing activities.

Normally I wouldn’t count Facebook as a source for blogging except I created a specific page for people to follow my writing.  This page is tied to my personal account which I use for other things but when on that page it’s all work – which brings great joy.

To help people find your book (or activity) and to stay in front of the crowd blogging is necessary.  Whether you do it or someone does it for you, it’s necessary.  Writing has become my life and so when not working on the books you can find me blogging.

Another place I blog is in a personal online journal about genealogical research.  This can be found on my personal website on (tied in with

Over the years I have spent many hours writing in journals, novels, poetry and now blogging.  Blogging can be a great source of information if presented in the correct way.  People blog about most everything.  If you can think it, you can write it.

Looming Deadline


Sitting here trying to find the motivation to finish this family book.  It needs to be sent to the publisher by March 1, 2016 so it can be ready for print and sale before the client’s family reunion.  It’s been a blast to work on this book and now that it’s almost finished I’m finding it difficult to focus.

So where can one find the focus to finish a book that will be missed?  By  knowing how much the book means to others.  There are a number of people waiting for this book come out because it’s about their family.

If you can’t find the motivation to finish it for you, and you know others are wanting it, then finish it for them.  Most the time I write for me and if others want to read the book great.

So why I am still sitting here — stuck?

The answer is FEAR.

  • Fear of not creating the masterpiece that’s expected
  • Fear of not having anything else to do
  • Fear of being overwhelmed
  • Fear of doing other novels in the wrong order (This is about the A Normal Life series)

I work hard to reach business oriented goals.  This looming deadline really brings it home.  This is the first of two deadlines this year.  The other one will be for a novel that is supposed to be published in October and ready for sale in November.

Where can I buy ¿A Normal Life?


Positive feed back on ¿A Normal Life? just keeps coming in.  I am proud to say that the sales have gone beyond what I expected and are now going internationally.  I want to thank my readers for wonderful reviews.

The book can be ordered online through several online sites including but not limited to :


Want to walk into a physical store and find a copy, that can be done too.

Hastings Book Store in Idaho Falls, Idaho is the first store to carry a physical copy of ¿A Normal Life?

¿A Normal Life?


¿A Normal Life?

By: Charity Samora

Earlin, a young woman, lost her parents in a tragic accident and was forced to live with her maternal grandparents. This move took her from Salem, Massachusetts to Pocatello, Idaho. The drive is long and boring but when they get to Idaho the scenery is fascinating.
Shortly after their arrival Earlin and her sister, Lily, encounter a ghost by the name of Sarah. Sarah reveals to them that they are witches and this leads Earlin down a path that she never anticipated
After many trials and tribulations she is to become the head witch, the family historian and the matriarch.
This is only the beginning.