New Version


There are several versions of  A Normal Life that are available, eBook (epub, pdf) as well as the standard print.  I am proud to announce that the pdf file is now available on for those who are interested in this format.  The print and eBook (epub) are available on,, and other various sites. The print book is still available at Hastings in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

To make things more user friendly I have changed the cover for each format.  The print is a maroon with a picture, the epub has a red cover and the pdf book has a blue cover.



Where can A Normal Life be purchased


One book left, if you want to buy a signed copy.  Will order more as needed.  If you want a copy of the book and it doesn’t have to be signed you can find it online at,,, etc.  You can also find a copy at Hastings in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In June I will be doing a book signing at Hastings in Idaho Falls, Idaho.   As we approach the day of the signing more information will be posted.

A Normal Life is about two young girls who are orphaned early, kidnapped by their maternal grandparents and taken from Salem, Massachusetts to Pocatello, Idaho where Earlin learns her true destiny.  This is the just the first book in the series and what a way to start than with a bang…



A Normal Life is available virtually everywhere as an eBook including on   It is also available as a hard copy and can be ordered online as well as purchased through Hastings in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  As of Monday, A Normal life can be found at the Marshall Public Library located in  Pocatello, in the adult section.  It has also been donated to the Portneuf Library in Chubbuck, Idaho.

The Story of Edward Goins will be coming shortly.  At the request of the person who asked for this book to put together I have extended the deadline so more pictures can be added.

There are two other books in progress and updates will be posted about them as time goes on.