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Psychic Powers


This is a topic that may seem taboo but is very close to home for me.  All of my life I have been interested in the supernatural, psychic abilities, and witches.  I was told that one Halloween I was exposed to a woman in a witch’s costume.  This same woman told me we used to read each other’s minds when I was little.  However, when I started asking questions and wanting to learn more I was told to stay away from it and that it wasn’t real.

One day in high school I asked for permission to do some research at the library on the Salem Witch Trials and was forbidden to do.  I want to do a speech on it.  It was at that time I learned to block people from reading my mind, or so I thought.  I did the speech any way.

Throughout my teenage years I acted out but the one thing that was always consistent was my sixth sense.  My senior year (actually it was just a semester because I graduated early) I was taking a morning class, regular classes during the school day, working, and then taking a night class.  On one particular day my grandparents came to visit and when the left I felt really ill and asked if I could stay home from class that night.  I was told, “No.”  I drove to school everything was fine.  On the way in to the school another student almost run me over.  I felt great for a little while so I thought okay, that was the reason for my being sick.  Something bad was supposed to happen and I avoided it.  Shortly before class let out I got really nauseated and pale but I left school.  I just knew something horrific was going to happen so I took the back road away from the school and no more than two blocks from the school I was in a car accident.  I went from being sick to being in hysterics.  I knew immediately that my gut feeling or whatever you want to call it, about staying home was because this accident was going to happen.

So as you can see everyone has moments where they are psychic.  Many push it away as being a fleeting thought or coincidence and don’t think about it again.  Others know that their intuition or gut feeling is truly being psychic and is a gift that needs to be developed.  There’s nothing wrong with having what people refer to as a sixth sense.  I used to talk about my “gut feelings” all the time and coming from a LDS background I was told it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  So whatever you want to call it, I prefer the term psychic, everyone experiences.

Being psychic is much more than just hearing what others are thinking.  There are people who can see auras and this is called auric sight, clairaudience is the perception of sounds from another place or plane, clairvoyance is when you can see a place with your mind’s eye so vividly that you think you have actually been there.  An example of this is a young man went to visit family that lived in a house that he knew very well but had actually only seen it with his mind’s eye.  He had never been to house or area, physically.  Some of the information in this paragraph came from Remez Sasson who is an author and blogger and teaches, “How to use your mental tools”.

Over time I will discuss each of the abilities or psychic powers people can and do have.  Each power will have its own post.



From the dawn of time witchcraft has existed in almost every culture.  Whether they practiced spells or prayed or did rituals that helped the ill there was always some kind of witchcraft around.  Then paranoia set in and people started being accused of practicing witchcraft – some did practice and some were “innocent”.

The witch trials started around about 1500 when the hysteria reached epic portions and those who were accused of practicing witchcraft were tortured until they confessed.  It’s unknown as to exactly why the hysteria spread but when it did there was no turning back. The trials were uncontrollable.  In 1515, Switzerland burned 500 witches.  The number of executions in Italy rose to approximately 1,000.  It’s estimated that between 1500 and 1660 there were no less than 50,000 and no more than 80,000 witches executed.  According to Witchcraft and Witches 80% of those who were executed were women.  Germany executed 26,000, France 10,000 in France, etc.


According to the website witchcraft and witches The Bideford Witch Trials resulted in the hanging of Temperance Lloyd.  She was one of the last three witches to be hanged in England.  The first time she was accused she was not charged but then she was accused a second time she faced evidence spanning more than 11 years.  One of the other women, Mary Trembles accused Susanna Edwards of being a witch in her confession.  When Susanna Edwards was confronted she confessed saying that Temperance Lloyd had started the whole thing.

The trials were starting to slow down and finally came to an end in Europe.   According to information I found online,  Alice Moland was the last witch in England to be executed in 1684.  In 1722 Janet Horne was the last witch in Scotland to be executed.  The last legal execution to take place in Europe was in the year 1782.

The reason the witch trials ended is just as confusing as is the reason they began.  As stated above, witchcraft has been in existence in almost every culture from the beginning of time.  People practiced daily and then the paranoia set in and they had to hide their practices then everything went back to the way it was, almost.  No one can agree on any one or a series of events as to why the society become tolerable of witchcraft again.



What exactly is a ghost?  I’m not talking about a ghost writer, the blogging platform, the band or anything of the non-supernatural meaning.  The ghosts I’m talking about can be considered the supernatural because they can haunt the physical plane.  A ghost is a spirit of a person or animal that has passed on but not “crossed over” as many people believe.

This earth and maybe the galaxy are inhabited by many forms of life.  Many people believe ghosts exist because they have unfinished business.  There are as many reasons for a ghost to have unfinished business as there are numbers of ghosts.  The crew of the Edmund FitzGerald are said to still be battling the ferocious waves.  Then there’s a young boy who was killed by a car and to this day he can be seen walking into the street, looking at the car just before he disappears – every night at the same time.


I’ve been asked several times if I thought a ghost could hurt us.  I really don’t think they can at least not physically.  I live in a house that is thought to have portal in the deepest darkest portion of the hallway, because of the layout of the house this area is darker than any other, and there’s no doubt there’s something there.  Every time I’m there without a light the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  Is this my imagination or is there something really there.  I truly believe there is something there and my “fear” is no different than that of anyone else who has experienced living with ghosts.  The ghosts, especially those who have decided they don’t want you living in their home, can shake the furniture, play with the electrical and appliances as well as pound on walls and doors, etc.  It’s not that they can hurt you but the fear they can instill in you can cause emotional and physical symptoms.

Many ghosts haunt the places where they died, just as in the examples above, but not all do.  Ghosts can haunt people as well as places.  An example of that is when a young woman was so distraught over her grandfather dying she refused to let him go.  From then on she could always feel him around her but after several years she realized it wasn’t fair to hold him to so close.  Once she let go his presence changed and the air around here cleared, so to speak.  She still sees him in dreams and feels him near but it’s different and it’s because he seems to want to visit instead of being bound and unable to do other things.  In this case it wasn’t so much as his unfinished business as it was hers.

Because of the fact that ghosts can make their presence known on this plane it is my belief that they can certainly travel between different planes but only to an extent.  Most are on the spiritual plane and cannot be seen or heard but then you get those who “visit” us and make their presence well known.  Take the example of the grandfather, from the above story, and the fact that his granddaughter can still feel him from time to time.  This same man that visits her is probably living a full life on another plane with his family and friends that have all crossed over.  Another example of ghosts crossing the planes is when people are dying or have had a life after death experience.  Many have said they could see their loved one(s) waiting for them.  There’s even been an instance where someone was laying on the bed, even though they were weak they managed to stand and started walking toward a wall.  Their hand was outreached; they fell, and never woke up.  Is this coincidence or did they really see someone there?

These examples and things I’ve experienced are proof enough to me that ghosts are real, they cannot truly harm us and they can indeed travel from plane to plane.

Do You Know Me, Chapter 1


It was cold snowy day in Pocatello, Idaho.  November 26, 1975 a little girl was born, her name was Charity Kaye.  She weighed six pounds.  She was born in the Bannock Regional Medical Center, which no longer exists.  According to stories told to her by her mother when she was first born they lived in an apartment across the street from Grand Central which was located on Yellowstone where the current building for WinCo is (dated 2016).  From this apartment we moved to a house on Willard and then to a house on Randolph.

The house on Randolph is where this story truly begins.  My bedroom was painted pink.  On one side of the room was a set of bunk beds and the other was the closet.  This closet was fabulous. Behind the rod where you hung the clothes was a partial wall which led to a crawl space at the top of the closet where some of my toys were stored.  Above this was a door that led to the attic.  It was really cool for a little kid who liked to take on challenges.  Charity used to spend hours learning to scale that wall and get into the toys.

When not playing in the closet she would go into the basement and play with her plastic bowling set.  Mostly what she remembers about the basement is that there was a washer and dryer, off to the left of the stairs and to the right of those stairs was a coal stove, which they did use in the 1970s and early 1980s.

This young girl didn’t have any friends.  She was sad and lonely.  It was the summer of 1978.  She was three.  There were some neighborhood kids playing across the street.  She wanted to join in but none of them wanted her there.  Finally, one of the boys went over to her and they played.  They became best friends.  It was devastating when one of them would get grounded.  It seemed if one got grounded they both did.

There was a built in porch on the front of the houses, back in those days, and many times Charity and David would  jump off the porch and down into the driveway.  The driveway at David’s had a bit of a downward slope, or so it seemed.  One day when they were jumping off the porch Charity landed wrong.  She hit her chin on her knee and chipped a tooth.  Her parents had to take her to the dentist to get it fixed.

One of the most memorable times, David got grounded, was the day they ran away to Alameda park.  These young kids, ages two and three, walked the long six blocks to the park without their parents.  According to Charity’s mom a policeman had just asked the kids where they lived when David’s dad found them and took them home.

There were camping trips to Inman Canyon, which is located out by Inkom, Idaho.  Charity used to ride with David and his family in their 1970s Volkswagen van.  Sometimes the adults would sit next to a watering hole and let Charity and David as long as they stayed within sight of the adults.  One day, Charity was riding with David and his family.  They had stopped by the side of the road and when Charity got out of the van she did the one thing she was really good at, stubbing her toe.  It wasn’t the big toe.  It was the second one in from the little toe.  This poor little toe had been stubbed so many times it was black and had split open so that it bled.  These trips to Inman Canyon were some of Charity and David’s favorite times together.

We spent at least one night sleeping out in Charity’s backyard, under the stars.  Charity’s family had a Chocolate lab named Duke.  Every time Charity’s parents checked on the kids Duke would raise his head and let the adults know he wouldn’t let anything happen to them.  Duke laid between the two all night long.

There was one time when David’s dad went to the Charity’s house and upon walking in he found that Charity was playing tea party with her dolls, which she rarely did.  In fact, this was no ordinary tea party.  She didn’t like tea so instead of tea they were having spinach.

One day, Charity went over to see David.  It was the most traumatic day of her young life.  She overheard David and his mom talking about divorce.  She didn’t know what it was but she did know something bad was happening.  His mom was holding his younger brother while they talked.  David was sent to the kitchen for something and while he was gone his mom, Janet, asked Charity to sit next to her.  She explained to Charity that they would be moving and that she wouldn’t get to see David again.

Indeed, a week or so later, David and his family moved away.  It was so devastating to lose her friend that Charity starting to withdraw and become shier.  She didn’t like divorce, whatever it was because it took her best friend away.

End of Chapter…

Does this chapter draw you in?  How does it make you feel?  Do you agree with the title of the story?