Clear Your Space


Archangel Jophiel: Clear Your Place

Clearing your space is an important part of life.  It  helps to keep ones home and energy clear.  It’s suggested you do it once a week or depending on circumstances you should clear the energy, do a cleansing, on a daily basis.

Sadly the energy has become cluttered and negative over the last four months, in my house.  By keeping ones space clear a person could keep some illnesses at bay, be more positive and even happy.

Today is technically a day off from work, so I will immediately start clearing physical matter from my house so the energy can be cleared next and then do a final cleanse for the week using sage.

What techniques for you use to cleanse your physical space and energy?


Weekly reading, 7/16/2016



Think the universe is trying to tell me something…

Third reading in a row the moon cycle card was drawn.  The current position is the middle card.  This time is set a side for deep breathing and meditation.  What will happen will happen.  There’s no need to stress of er what might be.  The card to the right is the one for resolution or out-come.  “Outdoors” or nature is the way to go.  When I need to relax and re-enter nature is my friend.  When I need to be able to focus on my writing, nature is usually where you can find me.

Being cooped up and inside can bring on stress, rid you of creativity, and bring home negativity.  It’s time to get out, get moving, breathe fresh air, relax and more.

Medical update


First off, thank you for continuing to follow my posts even though I’ve been down.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my back surgery.  I am recovering nicely.  We go see the PA tomorrow and find out if the staples can come out and what restrictions are still in place.


My bff is really proud, and so am I, about the way I can get around.  Because of the way things are set up I spend more time carrying the walker than actually leaning on it.  Last night I tried to do some light cleaning but found it to still be a little much.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting stronger and spending more time sitting at the table doing research, writing and reading/editing.

In the past I was having trouble staying positive a day was just plain ready to give up but that has passed and now there’s so much to do and to look forward to.

I have started sending queries to traditional publishers in hopes of having my series picked up.  The day before my surgery I received my first rejection letter.  It the past it would have torn me up but now I look at it as one step closer to a yes.  Having a positive outlook is an amazing tool and it’s a lot healthier too.

If you have any questions or comments about things you’d like to see more of or just something in general please feel free to post.  I enjoy chatting with others and making new friends.

Happy writing!

Thank you


I want to let you all know the surgery went well.  The Dr found more damage than he thought would be there.  Instead of having a one inch incision I have a seven inch incision.  For as big a surgery as it turned out to be in am doing well.  Slowly every day is seeing improvement. I’m walking and sitting at the table.  For the first time since surgery I was able to spend a few minutes sitting outside, today.

I want you all to know I wouldn’t be this far along with out the support of y’all.   It’ll take about six weeks for a full recovery and my Dr is more hopeful of a full recovery than he was.   Until then my posts may be sporadic but I will make an effort to keep y’all posted as well as doing some regular blogging.

Today, for the first time in a while I was able to write for a couple of hours and after this post I’ll be doing some critiquing for a a friend.  It feels good to be working again.

Peace be with you.