Weekly Archangel Card Reading



This card is just what I needed.  This reading took plaCenter on July 28, 2016.

Earlier this morning I was having a body image problem.  It was severe and I was ready to give up the fight to not just being skinny but also to being healthy.

Between the support of family and friends and then this reading I decided no matter what I’ve been through I will continue to fight to be healthy.  Yes, I want to be skinny but healthy is the top priority.

No matter if I’m 450 pounds or 150 pounds I’ll probably continue to have an image problem.  That’s just the way eating disorders work.  My focus is to be healthy and that includes suppressing the eating disorder symptoms, too.

Being healthy comes from how and what we think about ourselves as much as it comes from the way we eat and exercise if not more.  I’m extremely health conscious, most of the time.

Last night while reading I learned something about myself that I didn’t know and that’s I’ve been practicing magickal practices all of my life.  Not only am I health conscious I’m trying to live the green. Lifestyle, which is what I was taught.   I recycle.  When camping or going into nature always leave it cleaner than you find it.




New addition to my family


I walked out on to the front porch yesterday to do some coloring and writing.  Just wanted a day all to myself to relax and do what I love to do but to my surprise there was this kitten jumping at my living room window trying to get it.  She’s absolutely wonderful.  I know we were meant to be together the moment I saw her.  I sat down and took the lid off my cup so I could take a swallow of milk but then this little paw pulled my cup away from me.  I looked at her, patted her head and said this is mine.  She did it again so I sighed, not remembering whole milk is bad for kittens, and let her drink 2-3 ounces.  She sat there and purred, marked and cuddled with me for about 2 hours.  Her kitty momma came over to see where she was.  Momma was skittish but eventually she came to me and I gave her some milk.


This is Patches, the kitten.

My bff came over after work and we went to town.  We came back with a food dish, collar and are waiting for a engraved tag to come in from McKees (Chubbuck, Idaho).  Bff went back to town and got a bag of kitten food and two plastic containers to put it in.


This is Patches kitty momma.  I believe she is pregnant, again.  She’s finishing some milk that was on the table.

When we got back from the first town run momma was gone but Patches was lying in the sun on the porch in a flower box.  I was so excited to see her.

After my bff went home Patches and I came in the house then I brought in Cotterpin, my dog.  It was like a tornado had gonever through the bathroom.  Patches had been hiding in there when Cotterpin found her.  For hours Patches hid behind the dryer.  About midnight she came out of hiding.  She is now hiding again, but this time she’s behind a chair in the living room.  She cries and Cotterpin goes to check on her.  It should mellow out soon.

I thought y’all would like a peak into my personal life and see our new addition.

I’m sure her kitty momma is staying close, after all they do live on my block  (she and Patches siblings)




I just wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit about me, why I have always wanted to be an author and introduce you to A Normal Life… Be on the look out, this October, for A Witchy History.


Do You Know Me, Chapter 1


It was cold snowy day in Pocatello, Idaho.  November 26, 1975 a little girl was born, her name was Charity Kaye.  She weighed six pounds.  She was born in the Bannock Regional Medical Center, which no longer exists.  According to stories told to her by her mother when she was first born they lived in an apartment across the street from Grand Central which was located on Yellowstone where the current building for WinCo is (dated 2016).  From this apartment we moved to a house on Willard and then to a house on Randolph.

The house on Randolph is where this story truly begins.  My bedroom was painted pink.  On one side of the room was a set of bunk beds and the other was the closet.  This closet was fabulous. Behind the rod where you hung the clothes was a partial wall which led to a crawl space at the top of the closet where some of my toys were stored.  Above this was a door that led to the attic.  It was really cool for a little kid who liked to take on challenges.  Charity used to spend hours learning to scale that wall and get into the toys.

When not playing in the closet she would go into the basement and play with her plastic bowling set.  Mostly what she remembers about the basement is that there was a washer and dryer, off to the left of the stairs and to the right of those stairs was a coal stove, which they did use in the 1970s and early 1980s.

This young girl didn’t have any friends.  She was sad and lonely.  It was the summer of 1978.  She was three.  There were some neighborhood kids playing across the street.  She wanted to join in but none of them wanted her there.  Finally, one of the boys went over to her and they played.  They became best friends.  It was devastating when one of them would get grounded.  It seemed if one got grounded they both did.

There was a built in porch on the front of the houses, back in those days, and many times Charity and David would  jump off the porch and down into the driveway.  The driveway at David’s had a bit of a downward slope, or so it seemed.  One day when they were jumping off the porch Charity landed wrong.  She hit her chin on her knee and chipped a tooth.  Her parents had to take her to the dentist to get it fixed.

One of the most memorable times, David got grounded, was the day they ran away to Alameda park.  These young kids, ages two and three, walked the long six blocks to the park without their parents.  According to Charity’s mom a policeman had just asked the kids where they lived when David’s dad found them and took them home.

There were camping trips to Inman Canyon, which is located out by Inkom, Idaho.  Charity used to ride with David and his family in their 1970s Volkswagen van.  Sometimes the adults would sit next to a watering hole and let Charity and David as long as they stayed within sight of the adults.  One day, Charity was riding with David and his family.  They had stopped by the side of the road and when Charity got out of the van she did the one thing she was really good at, stubbing her toe.  It wasn’t the big toe.  It was the second one in from the little toe.  This poor little toe had been stubbed so many times it was black and had split open so that it bled.  These trips to Inman Canyon were some of Charity and David’s favorite times together.

We spent at least one night sleeping out in Charity’s backyard, under the stars.  Charity’s family had a Chocolate lab named Duke.  Every time Charity’s parents checked on the kids Duke would raise his head and let the adults know he wouldn’t let anything happen to them.  Duke laid between the two all night long.

There was one time when David’s dad went to the Charity’s house and upon walking in he found that Charity was playing tea party with her dolls, which she rarely did.  In fact, this was no ordinary tea party.  She didn’t like tea so instead of tea they were having spinach.

One day, Charity went over to see David.  It was the most traumatic day of her young life.  She overheard David and his mom talking about divorce.  She didn’t know what it was but she did know something bad was happening.  His mom was holding his younger brother while they talked.  David was sent to the kitchen for something and while he was gone his mom, Janet, asked Charity to sit next to her.  She explained to Charity that they would be moving and that she wouldn’t get to see David again.

Indeed, a week or so later, David and his family moved away.  It was so devastating to lose her friend that Charity starting to withdraw and become shier.  She didn’t like divorce, whatever it was because it took her best friend away.

End of Chapter…

Does this chapter draw you in?  How does it make you feel?  Do you agree with the title of the story?