A young girl loses her parents in a tragic accident.  Immediately after the funeral she and her sister are kidnapped and taken across country.  Shortly after arriving in Pocatello, Idaho they learn they’re witches.  This is just the beginning…

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Looking for a chant


Monica is on the verge of finding the portal to another world.  The field surrounding the cellar is filled with energy from another world.  It’s not human.  Will she find her best friend, again?  Or will this portal lead to an entirely different world.

To open the portal she needs to find just the right chant and the chances of her getting it right on the first try are slim to nine but she’s not willing to give up until she figures it out.

What’s going to happen when the portal opens?  Truth be told she’s hasn’t thought that through so your guess is as good as hers.

Calling all witches, warlocks, and mythical beings – can you help Monica find the chant or a combination of chants she needs to open the portal?

Daily readings part 1



Date of reading: 22 May 2016

Daily readings are an important part of my daily routine.  If I don’t practice my readings I lose my focus and nothing gets done.

The left card is the origination of the current situation.  The middle card describes the truth of the situation and the right card shows the outcome.

Up until recently I’ve been very nurturing.  There have been a lot of changes occurring with in the last two weeks that I really didn’t know how to react.  I even lost myself.  Now I’m finding myself and it means letting people and things go that don’t fit with who I am now.  My energy definitely follows the moon cycles and when I’m ready I’ll be able to make my move and keep my energy flowing in a positive manner.

Do you believe in or practice reading tarot and tarot like cards?  What about palm reading?

Her Breaking Point…


An excerpt from a new romance novel by Cherokee Star “She never felt Grant get into bed.  She jerked awake. The warm sun was shining in through the window on to her naked body.  She must have over slept but when she looked at the clock it said seven. She looked at Grant’s side of the bed in confusion.  Did she dream that he was having an affair?  She didn’t know but by the looks of things he never came to bed.”


Photo taken by: akshay moon

A young woman, after years of abuse and being cheated on learns she can love again.

Spiritual Portal



picture taken by: Filter Forge

An excerpt from A Witchy History “I was exploring the cellar when suddenly; out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I looked hard into the shadows and say another door. Slowly I walked toward this door, which was closed and locked. I could feel the fear envelop me; still I dragged myself to the door. Something was nagging at me, telling me I was in danger. Finally the fear overtook me and I ran across the room, up the stairs and into the warmth of the sunshine.”

This cellar and a connecting tunnel (only partially intact) is what’s left of  thriving ranch and hotel… Somewhere on the property there’s a spiritual portal that Monica has yet to find, but will.  The destruction of this once thriving  mini-town was caused by something supernatural – possibly an energy ball.  But where would it have come from… A rival family, a spiritual portal, or was it something else?



I just wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit about me, why I have always wanted to be an author and introduce you to A Normal Life… Be on the look out, this October, for A Witchy History.





Photo by: M

Clairaudience comes in many forms.  Music is my release.  I’m not talking about 99% of the stuff the kids listen to today.  I’m talking about the times when songs had lyrics and meaning.

When I’m under a lot of pressure or stressed I look for peace from with in and sometimes when I’m lying in bed at night I listen to music.  It’s not from the radio station, boombox or stereo.  It comes from a distant land, or another time.  The melody is soothing, words are just out of hearing – probably because I’m trying to hard to hear them, and no matter how hard I try to find the source it always comes from some place I’m not.

After several years of getting used to hearing this magical sound I’ve quit trying to search it out.  Now is the time to rejoice in being able to hear things from another time or plane.

I believe this is just the beginning and it gives me something to focus on and develop.  Guidance comes in many forms and all you have to do is quiet the storm within.  Look within yourself to see what makes you tick.

I had this childhood friend and over the years I’ve reached out to him telepathically with no response.  Then one day I heard him.  He wanted me to know everything is okay and and that I didn’t need to worry about him anymore.  After he stopped reaching out I heard other sounds and now I understand the guidance I was getting.  It took several messages from different people for me to get it but I finally understand.

Clairaudience is a great learning tool.  In the beginning it was scary but now it’s soothing and calming.  It helps me to relax.

Where does your guidance come from?