The Story of Edward Goins


On Saturday, April 9, 2016 The Story of Edward Goins: Slavery May Be My Past but Certainly Not My Future! was uploaded for publishing and will be available to the public in approximately six weeks.

The book is dedicated to my good friend Ilonje Goins who wanted to know the facts about her family.  By mixing text, pictures, newspaper articles and a few of the records I am happy to be able to tell her more about her past.

Using census records and other historical records her family was traced back To Ann Goens who was born in Colonial America.  This is an amazing story and we still don’t know the half of it.

The Goins/Goens family lived in Louisville, Kentucky for many generations.  According to the census the first known Goens was Ann and it was said that she was born in District of Columbia in 1787 but based on history and the founding of District of Columbia we know she was most likely born in Virginia because the District of Columbia was not formed until 1788.  This does not mean it wasn’t the same area.  In fact, Both Virginia and Maryland originally donated land to the District of Columbia.