9/26/2016 Reading



There are a lot of big changes coming in my life and I’m terrified of what could happen. This card helps me to know there is divine guidance and that things are going just the way they there supposed to be.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Fear of the unknown can be faced and the unknown becomes the known. This transition I’m in is full of all kinds of emotions including fear. The future holds unknown pieces and after living in the dark for so long, so speak, finding the light is just as scary as living in the dark has been, if not more so.

Agoraphobia is one of the hardest things to get over. More than 20  years has gone by since I really enjoyed life. Finding yourself and and pushing your comfort zone to its limits and even beyond can definitely be empowering, if you only have the courage to push through.


Guidance Needed



The Archangels, reminded me, again that I need to work on leadership skills while helping others.  This is a huge help when it comes to working with Emilie, the lead character in the Bearclaw Coven.   She is destined to become the head witch and matriarch of the Lords family.


The Animal Spirit Guides said it’s time to meditate and open myself to ways to cleanse my body and spirit.  When the energy is flowing smoothly then life tends to be fuller and runs better without all the clutter.

What do these readings mean to you and why?  How do you interpret these readings? Do they fit what’s going on your life ?

This is so bad…


Usually, on a Friday I will post my daily reading.  I got so caught up editing my novel that I completely spaced blogging.  Anyone else do that?

Here I was going to dis myself for not blogging today and of course the card I drew was from the Archangel Sandalphon.  Gentleness is what the card is about.  Basically, it’s all about the way your treat yourself.  Instead of being cruel, try being loving and nurturing.  Take care of you, because no one else will.

What goes around comes around.  If you don’t like yourself, others won’t like you either.  For many years I’ve hated myself but loved everyone around me.  Time and time again, it’s been said “you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.”  This is a false statement.  While you may not love others as much as you want, you can still love them.  Will love be returned, possibly but not likely.

Being gentle with yourself will help you in all of your relationships,whether they’re romantic or just friends.  If you’re kind to yourself, you’re more likely to be kind to other.  This isn’t always the case, but is thought to be usual.

Being gentle with yourself allows you to learn who you are and to see the potential  that you have to grow, learn and love yourself as well as others. It used to be all about me, even when I didn’t like myself.  Now, it’s all about my furkids.  I have to like and even love myself for them to feel safe, loved and protected.


I offer up these roses to anyone who wants to share the love, I share with all my friends and family.  Of course, my followers/fans are considered to be part of my friends and family.  You are welcome to share these roses with your friends and family.  I just ask that you remember to share them with yourself.  You deserved to be happy and these roses will remind you,with their thorny stem, to always be gentle with yourself and kind to others.

Spiritual Reading



The Llama represents the past where courage and support helped to get through some difficult situations.  There’s nothing like facing a hard decision alone.  Dreading doctor appointments, fearing the worst will happen, looking at past relationships of all kinds, and most of all, becoming unhealthy again.

The crocodile represent to the present situation.  With the guidance of the crocodile we can learn death can bring new life.  The death of my bad health has led way to a new healthy life style where I can move, exercise, dance and lift weights.  There’s nothing that can keep me down.

The dolphin is coming into my life to guide me towards meditation and cleansing.  This will bring about relaxation and the patience everyone else talks about.

Meditation can help cleanse the body, mind and soul.  The cleansing will help improve health and other situations that are both in and out of your coneroli.

By listening and watching the animals you can learn a wide array of ways to stay calm, first day peace and feel free.

Relationship Harmony



It’s nice to know the Archangels are with us in the times of our need.

This is my card of the day.  Archangel Raquel responded to whatsee been in my heart and on my mind.

I like being alone and living alone but I still get lonely sometimessage.  Having a relationship of any kind is great, especially having great friends.  Thoder you can count the on, those who count on you and those whom you feel are family.

Having a loving relationship with those around you is amazing.  The relationship with other humans, animals and Mother Nature, herself.

Be kind to all and you’ll receive it back 3 fold.  No matter who you are, what yourelse going through, whether were friends, acquaintances, etc.  Know this you are lover by many and the Archangels can help guide you in the direction you want to go whether it’s a relationship or something else.

Archangel Raziel



Take Back Your Power is the card I drew this morning.

Today is my down day and it’s driving me crazy to not be working but at least I can use this day to take care of myself and taking time to rejuvenate can help me connect spiritually to with the universe and and everything within it.

Taking back the power can help us all to rejuvenate and be open minded to the deeper questions that are suggested we ask ourselves to time help us transform our lives.

Gaining as much knowledge as possible can help us take back the power or maybe even gain some power that we didn’t know we had or have.

According to the above site (connected to the word questions) being with Raziel means we experience life , fused with the knowledge of the afterlife, and more.  Many people desire this knowledge, I know I have always wondered what’s on the other side and what it’s like to be there.

There is definitely something on the side of our current time existence and it is a common belief among many that our family and friends ds are waiting for us to join the. Where they’rehaving fun and partying it up, so to speak.  Others have different ideas.  Not tryinh to get all religious on y’all, but depending on what you believe, your religion or belief system or even the way you were raised can play a huge part in how you view the afterlife.

Archangel says to use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life.  By asking yourself the questions asked on the site above Archangel Raziel can help you manifest the blessings you desire and probably much more if your open to it.



Quite the Adventure


Hey all,

Wanted to let you know own I haven’t forgotten you.  In addition to healing I’ve started on a new path.

The Bearclaw Coven: Emilie is still going through a massive change, there are other books being worked on such as The Bearclaw Coven: Monica and She Raged.  By this time next week there will be a list of used books and some craft supplies on my website.

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Is there anything you’d like to know more about?