Quite the Adventure


Hey all,

Wanted to let you know own I haven’t forgotten you.  In addition to healing I’ve started on a new path.

The Bearclaw Coven: Emilie is still going through a massive change, there are other books being worked on such as The Bearclaw Coven: Monica and She Raged.  By this time next week there will be a list of used books and some craft supplies on my website.

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Is there anything you’d like to know more about?




Of all the things I did as a kid camping was my favorite but when I wasn’t camping I was involved with 4-H, softball and genealogy.  4-H was tons of fun.  I’ve never looked at myself as being very crafty but in truth I am.  While in 4-H I learned to sew, do needlepoint and crochet.  As with  camping, I gave it for about 20 years.  About four years ago I picked up crochet again and have been doing afghans ever since.  Two years ago a friend helped  me get started on cross stitch which is a lot like needlepoint.  I am working on my fourth cross stitch pattern and am having a blast with it.  So far all the patterns I have worked on were designed by Joan Elliott.  She has some really beautiful designs.

I miss sewing but have yet to pick it back up.  Right now there is too much on my plate.  I’m preparing for back surgery so my main focus, other than my health, is to find things I can do while laid up.  So far I’m hoping to be able to continue doing cross stitch, read and write.  Not holding my breath on the writing which is why I’m doing as much as possible right now.  Writing is both work and a hobby.  Being an author is all I ever wanted.  Sure along the way I tried to be practical and get a college degree in accounting and in dietetics but in the end my number one hobby and passion has won.  I will be an author who spends my breaks doing cross stitch, genealogy, photography, and crochet.

Hobbies are a great way to clear the clutter from your mind as well as keep you busy.  What are some of the things you like to do to relax?